The N-Papers

Translations of newspaper N-space articles

The Junior Seau death LINK to Ferguson, Missouri

N-paper-010 by Herb Zinser reviews the  GRID-IRON death wish of  Junior Seau and its influence upon Fer –> Ferrous oxide IRON atom life forms in the EARTH LAB site  for Fer–> Ferguson, Missouri.   First let’s review other blog posts on Junior Seau   ….. and then at the end …  we shall cover the accidental  shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri   …..  a casualty  of the Social Science WARS.   The Earth.. Read More

The Runway 26 NASCAR race

N-paper 0002 by Herb Zinser. Newspapers and financial papers use various levels of English language; thus it is up to the older and wiser newspaper reader to use his math and science background to translate and understand the multi-faceted  PRINT message .   Let’s look at an example of the SECRET codes embedded within a news  article.         Thus we have the Kyle Bush race on Runway 26 ……… Kyle.. Read More